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Diary of a Brilliant and Super Awesome Kid

There is nothing "wimpy" about your Elite Kid. Children can use this notebook as a journal or diary at home or at school.

Alphabet Animals

Learn the names and interesting facts about 26 different mammals, reptiles, fish, and birds.

Alphabet Uppercase First Words

Learn the uppercase letters and 26 first words.

Alphabet Lowercase First Words

Learn the lowercase letters and first words

Elite Kids' First 100 Sight Words

It is never too early to learn the first 100 sight words.

ABC's of Excellence, Magic, and Joy

Each child deserves to know how awesome they are.

Elite Essentials: Numbers, Shapes, Colors, and Family

With this bundle set children will learn numbers, shapes, colors, and family names.

Matter, Force, and Energy: Science Vocabulary Book Volume 1

Matter, Force, and Energy! Oh My! This book teaches essential science vocabulary words.

Beginning Sounds: Card Game For Letter Recognition and Phonics

Flashcard game that helps your child get excited about learning words and the beginning sounds that they make.